When my kids were little, I felt isolated.  It was hard to get out the door to necessary appointments like doctors, let alone herd everyone to a park!  I desperately needed to get out of my house, but there were so many unknowns standing in my way.  Which parks had washrooms?  One of my kids eats sand…is this park just a giant sandbox?  More so, I had questions about safety.  How close were the roads?  Is the playground near a wooded area?  See…chances were I’d be chasing two (or three!) kids running in different directions, so this stuff mattered.

I was very lucky to have mommy friends that knew the playgrounds in our area and could answer most of my questions…and help rally my troupe if the set up wasn’t ideal.  Now, I’m on a mission to create a resource for parents that will put this information at their fingertips!

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