Valleyridge Playground


Area: Palermo

Recommended Ages: 1.5 – 12 years

Surface: Rubber safety surface & concrete

Theme: Safari

Parking: Free parking lot

Facilities: Large shelter with picnic tables, accessible swing, splash pad, trails, portalet (summer only)

Site: 3 sides of this playground boarder onto (within 3-5 metres) roadways or parking lot.  The remaining side backs onto a soccer field and beyond that is an unfenced ravine with trails.   The large structure offers plenty of shade, and maturing trees add extra shade around the perimeter.


Alligator path


Preschool Structure with hippos

Structures:  There are two structures recommended for ages 1.5-5 years and 5 – 12 years. The preschool structure has some really fun features including a bridge and an “alligator” path of lily pads with an alligator leading to the climber.  The path is nice and low, and all the lily pads are fixed, so it’s lots of fun for a wide range of ages.  There are two large plastic hippos that can be climbed on and through, or hidden in.

The school age structure has tons of space and features wide landings.  A rock wall/cave caps one end with a ladder bridge leading to the other.  A lion tunnel leads to a hideout under one of the main platforms, where one can find music panels, tic-tac toe and other games.  There is an infinity climber that advanced climbers can scale right to the top for a seat with a birds eye view.

The splash pad’s central feature is a life-sized elephant.  Designed as a tunnel, water sprays inside as well as out the elephant’s mouth.  Most of the splash pad is on concrete, but a small area is rubberized, though not squishy like the safety surface under the play structures.  The rubberized area had three hippos surrounding water spouts.  Large bunches of savannah grass provide mist, while palm trees sprinkle rain from up high.

Sight-lines:  There are lots of little places to hide at this playground, so I found myself searching for kids to complete my head count.  The structures are fairly open, but many of the fun activities are behind slides or lend themselves to being a fort.  I was enjoying the shade under the shelter which is in between the splash pad and playground structures, so I was craning lots to keep track of everyone.  No the easiest set up, but it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

Insider Info – The rubberized surface and splash pad make this playground a hot spot during the summer.  It was super busy when we arrived at 10:30.  The crowd thinned around lunch so we were glad we packed a picnic and got some extra play in before the traffic picked back up around 1pm.

The rubberized safety surface is easy for an early walker to explore, however without ramps, the structures may be hard for a little one to access without help.

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