Craigleith Playground


Area: Joshua Creek

Recommended Ages: 2-5 years

Surface: Woodchips

Theme: None

Parking: Free street parking on Craigleith Rd or Sylvia Dr.

Facilities: Accessible swing, 2 small shelters with benches and chess tables,

Site: This is an interesting option.  Definitely not a “destination park” and designed to serve the surrounding community, but the green space is a very manageable size if you have an explorer, and it’s fenced on three sides (bordered by residential properties) with NO pathways to sneak down.  Craigleigh Rd is fairly close at about 50m.  This is a newer park so not much shade outside of the small shelters provided.

Preschool structure

Structures: There are 2 play structures recommended for ages 2-5 years and 5-12 years.  The preschool structure has the standard stairs and slide, along with a serving area for imaginative play.  There is also an oversized corkscrew climber.  This structure is simple but fun.  I did find that the oversized corkscrew “thingy” required some spotting.  My 3.5 year olds are pretty good climbers, but the diameter of this was a challenge for them.

School-age structure

The school aged structure and climber has some cool features. Along with stairs and slides, there is a graduated climbing path made of moulded plastic. The upper landing has lots of space, and a tic-tac-toe wall game along with exits to slides, poles and step climbers. If you have a Spiderman fan, the large stand alone web arch is great! The climber is a format I’ve never seen, with rock-climbing hand/footholds that run over a large arch with an open sphere beneath.

Climbing structure

Sight-lines: The slatted design of both climbers makes keeping an eye on the kids pretty easy. There are some evergreens that obscure the back corners of the park space, but with no openings for a tot to sneak through it makes for a great game of hide and seek.

Insider Info: Some local families bring their beginner bike riders to this park as there’s a pathway that runs in a circle around the playground.

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