Valleybrook Park Playground


Large playground structure


Area: Wedgewood Creek

Recommended Ages: 5-12 years (there is a smaller structure, but it is not labeled with recommended ages as of this writing)

Surface: woodchip/cement

Theme: None

Parking: Free street parking along Valleybrook Dr.

Facilities: Shelter, picnic tables, splashpad, portalet (summer only), tennis courts, basketball court

Site:  Located off of Valleybrook Dr, the playground is set back 50-100m from the road, backs onto green space and has fenced tennis/basketball courts and fenced residential properties on either side.  Landscaping encloses the splash pad area nicely, and mature trees offer shade.  The playground is right next to the tennis and basketball courts – a fenced barrier.  I really liked this set up.  The road felt distant, the far side of the playground fenced.  The splash pad, while not fenced in, had a short retaining wall and landscaping to keep wandering to a minimum.  The green space behind goes back a long way and there is one pathway exit a few hundred metres back.


Structures:  There are two play structures recommended for ages 5-12 years.  I will note that the smaller of the two structures does not have an age recommendation and is possibly for a 2-5 years age-group, but there is not recommended age posted.  The smaller of the two structures has two slides, multiple stair climbers and a cool tunnel.  The larger structure is very accessible with a ramp right off of the concrete path, leading to a wide landing with activity panels.  There are lower sea-saw monkey bars (pivot up and down from the middle), hand and foot cranks and a vertical rock climbing wall.  The climber has three distinct areas linked together with ladders.

The splash pad is “wetland” themed, with a butterfly and dragonfly included among the water features.  There is a water dump feature, but one of the two cups has been removed, but still sprays water.

Sight-lines:  While the large structure is complex, the panels are slotted to help keep everyone visible.  There are a few benches around the play structures allowing for different vantage points.

Insider Info:  Consider bringing some wheels.  The basketball court is a large space perfect for bikes, scooters and other wheeled fun.  During the summer it may be in use,  but it’s worth a shot!

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