Christie Estates Playground


Christie Estates Playground


Area: Christie Estates (Calgary SW)

Recommended Ages: 5-12 years

Surface: Gravel

Theme: Clubhouse

Parking: Street

Facilities: Tennis courts, portalet (summer only) behind the playground near the soccer field.

Site:  This playground is located just off of one of the main roads into the Christie Estates community, Christie Estate Terrace SW.  The playground is set 50-100m back from the road, with green space behind and fenced residential properties on either side, so it’s fairly enclosed.  There is a pathway exit out of the green space, and the very back of the field is fenced and backs onto 17th Street SW.  Mature trees offer shade, but the playground itself is quite exposed.

Structures:  There is one, large central structure recommended for ages 5-12 years.  The slides are metal which can get pretty hot in the sun.  This playground is fairly accessible with a ramp pretty much right off of the grass, leading to a wide platform with activity pannels.  The monkey bars include flying fox gliders which might require spotting for younger climbers, but are super fun!  A rock climber, spinny chairs, bouncers, swings and a giant rope spinner make for lots of things to check out.

Sight-lines:  Surrounded by benches, the sight-lines are quite good.  The rope spinner is about 50 meters away, beside the tennis courts which can mean a guardian may need to be in two places at once.

Insider Info:  Bring your sunscreen, as the playground doesn’t get much shade.  You have to walk beyond the baseball diamond to find the portalet, but as of this writing it’s there! The tennis courts are popular and maybbe in use, but if they are empty, it’s a good spot for scooters, bikes and other wheeled fun – and it’s completely fenced.

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