Arbourview Park


Area: Westmount

Recommended Ages: 2-12 years

Surface: woodchip

Theme: clubhouse

Parking: Street parking (closest access is pathway at Arbourview Dr & Shorncliffe Blvd.)

Facilities: Accessible swing, parent child swing, trails

Site: Hidden away, with access via trails or a path off of Arbourview Dr, this playgound is bordered by Arbourview Woods.  There is a large green space well suited to picnics or sport, with a large hedge separating this space from the playground.  While the playground feels enclosed and is removed from traffic, there is no fencing around the boarder leaving free access to the woods, with several paths leading to/from the playground.  The woods provide lots of shade.


5-12 year structure

Structures: There are two play structures recommended for ages 2-5 and 5-12.  Installed in 2016, both structures have wider landings, offering lots of space.  The preschool structure includes an animal sorter and other games, along with a vertical step climber and slides.  There are standard bouncers to round out the fun.

The school-aged climber has some interesting climbing challenges including an arched ladder and cork-screw pole.  The design of the slides are…interesting.  There is a HUGE three lane slide, but only one lane of access from the top.  I wonder if it was designed with the “slide-climber” in mind?  (As you can see in the pic, it occurred to my kids that this was their conclusion!)  The curling slide has an enclosed entrance which looks super fun, but we were there shortly after a rain and it’s a collecting point for water and bugs.  My kids were all over the parent/child swing and it’s the first I’ve found in Oakville; definitely a fun addition!


Sight-lines:  The woods are beautiful, but make sight-lines tricky.  Within the playground sight-lines are fairly clear, with benches around the perimeter offering lots of spots to watch from.  If your littles like the woods this playground could be challenging with several trail access points and no fencing separating the playground from the woods.

green picnic/sport area bordered by large hedge

Insider Info:  If you like hiking this is a great spot to walk to, or from.  Bring bug spray during warmer months.


2-5 year structure

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