Postridge Park Playground


Ship-themed splash pad


Area: Wedgewood Creek

Recommended Ages: 2-12 years

Surface: Woodchip/interlocking brick

Theme: Pirate

Parking: Free parking lot off of Spring Blossom Cres. a few hundred metres from the playground.

Facilities:  Large shelter with benches, accessible swing, splash pad, portalet (June-Sept), soccer pitch

Site:  This mature site has lots of plusses!  The only one side of the playground is exposed to traffic, and the landscaping limits access.  The trees offer lots of shade and there is green space away from roads if you need to run off some steam.

Structures: There are two play structures recommended ages 2-5 and 5-12.  These structures are a bit worn, but a lot of fun!  The preschool structure includes a grass-like hut, palm trees and a bridge, reminding me of a pirate’s hide-out.  The school age structure has a large boat bow on the front to round out the pirate theme.  While the structure has narrower landing, it doesn’t tend to be crowded so this presents little issue. There is also a car climber which I find particularly popular.  My kids love playing at this park as they easily imagine themselves as pirates on the open sea.

The splash pad is the real star in this park.  Built to resemble a ship on the water complete with alligators lurking in the water, this water feature offers lots of fun.  There are a lot of “raining” features.  A highlight of the splash pad is the mini paddling pool fed by a frog fountain.  This little area is rubberized, and perfect for small children who are acclimatizing to water play and enjoy splashing.

Sight-lines:  I really like the set up of this park.  The shelter is right in the middle of the structures and splash pad and the only place I lost visual of my kids was when they played in the ship bow of the school age climber.

Insider Info:  The pathways through this park seem to be a neighbourhood shortcut – there was a surprising amount of foot traffic for a mid-morning weekday.  This spot is also popular with daycare providers in the area.  Rumour has it they are on top of the Town of Oakville to keep garbages empty and the grounds clean.  The wood chips could stand to be renewed (as of this writing) and I have no doubt a call has already been made!


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