Isaac Park Playground


5-12 year structure


Area: Preserve

Recommended Ages: 1.5 to 12 years

Surface: wood chip/concrete

Theme: None

Parking: free street parking on Sixteen Mile

Facilities: permanent fully equipped, accessible family restrooms (open June-September), accessible swing, saucer swing, three-way rocker, large shelter, picnic tables, sheltered benches, splash pad

Site:  Located on a large park area,  two sides of the playground open onto ample green space.  The other two sides boarder Sixteen Mile (main through-way) and Isaac Ave.  The main shelter provides a shady spot, however the trees in this newer park are small and don’t offer much alternate shade.


1.5-5 year structure (for

Structures:  There are two play structures recommended for ages 1.5-5 and 5-12 years.  The preschool structure includes slides, a car climber, spinning chairs, and more!

The larger structure is…LARGE!  It rises up like an oasis, calling to children of all ages.  This massive structure’s upper level is easily 4 feet higher than the average 5-12 play structure.  Designed with a spiral staircase inside, the upper deck is a large ring with exits to slides, ladders, and  a bridge.  My kids don’t follow the age recommendations, and loved this larger structure, but as younger climbers it was challenging to keep track of them and also support them on the more challenging ladders.  Due to the higher than average upper deck  I felt inclined to be close by in case one of my guys needed a hand. This structure is a lot of fun, but take note – if you have a climber that still needs spotting, this could be difficult for the vertically challenged parent like myself.

img_3076.jpgThe splash pad has lots of fun attractions, and includes smaller splash cups which is handy if your child shies away from soaker features that drop huge buckets of water.  This park also has no moving water cannons, so if your child lives for water battles you may want to bring additional water shooters, while the lack of rotating features could be handy if your child is more tentative at water play.

Sight-lines:  The preschool structure and splash pad are located near the main shelter making visibility easy.  The school age structure is much further away and includes stairs inside the structure so kids at play are hard to keep track of.  This location includes several permanent buildings near the school age structure as well.

Insider Info:  Bring a ball as there are basket toss activities!  With fully equipped family restrooms, including change tables, it’s easy to stay at this location for an extended time.  Consider packing a lunch, but bring your sunscreen as the shady areas fill up quickly.

Have you been to this park?  Did I miss something?  Reply below!


Three way rocker: (I’m dying for a triplet mom to take this photo op!)


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