Neyagawa Park Playground


Ages: 1.5 – 12

Surface: woodchip & concrete

Theme: Clubhouse

Parking:  Free parking lot off of River Glen Blvd.

Facilities: Splash pad, toilet (summer only), large central shelter, picnic tables, inclusive swing

Site: This site proves that good landscaping makes a world of difference.  While the playground is less than 30m from River Glen Blvd. — a primary road feeding several neighbourhoods — a low retaining wall and landscaping, creates an effective buffer for little ones, and also offers parents a place to sit.  There is a shelter with picnic tables, and a fair amount of shade offered by the surrounding trees.

img_3011Structures:  There are two play structures  recommended ages 1.5-5 and 5-12.  The preschool structure has a mini “clubhouse” feel, with a wood stump lily pad-style ladder in addition to the standard stairs and slide.  A separate play house, baby swings, spring riders and spinning chair offer lots for your tots to check out.

The school age structure takes the clubhouse theme up a notch, complete with a huge tree trunk built into the design, and a rope ladder too!  The clubhouse connects seamlessly with a climber area, which offers lots of challenges.  Spinners, a game table and a huge sand timer add to the fun.

Sight-lines:  The shelter is centrally located, offering parents a shady area where they can easily see all the play structures and the splash pad.   The school-age structure is quite dense, so it can be difficult to see through to the far side.  There are plenty of benches around the perimeter of the playground so you can find the perfect place to watch.

Insider Info:  Pack a lunch and stay a while!  There is enough to do here that you can easily stay for hours.  There is a port-o-potty on site during the summer months.  There is a great area to spread out a blanket and picnic near the splash pads, but it you’re hoping to use the picnic tables under the shelter, prepare to wait in line!

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