Trafalgar Memorial Park Playground


Trafalgar Memorial Park Playground (right: Preschool structure, left: School-age Structure)


Area: Oak Park

Ages: 2-12

Surface: Rubberized wood chip safety surface (yep – it seems to be wood chips and rubber mixed together!  It’s spongy and fun.)

Theme: Farm

Parking:  Currently there is only street parking along Central Park Drive, and the master development plans don’t appear to include additional parking.

Facilities: Public washrooms and shelter are slotted for construction to be completed September 2017!  The playground includes swings, a saucer swing and accessible swing.  Currently there are paths, ponds, ample green space and a community garden, but not much shade.  When the master plans are complete, the park surrounding the playground will boast an off leash dog area, “play zone” with both a hard and organic surface area, gardens and paths through the memorial.

Site:  In it’s current (unfinished) state, this site has it’s advantages.  While the main walking paths have been levelled, they are not open to the public, so this playground is currently fenced in on three sides.  The third side is a fenced off construction zone where public restrooms will soon be complete.  This leaves only one side of the playground exposed to a road carrying traffic.  Unfortunately it’s a fairly busy road (no reduced speed limit), and it’s about 50m away from the preschool structure.

Structures:  There are two play structures recommended ages 2-5 and 5-12.  The preschool structure is more “jungle” than farm inspired, and includes a slide and rock climbing surface, as well as a “natural play” inspired area with tree stumps.  There are spring riders, a car station and even a music play station.  The 5-12 play structure is where the farming theme comes to life.  The barn inspired main structure is one of the most spacious climbers we’ve visited.  It includes a series of pens on one side, and a separate structure that looks like a full scale tractor!

Sight-lines:  This playground covers a lot of area, and yet the sight-lines are pretty good.  It’s hard to see kids playing in the “pens” on the far side of the school-aged structure, but there are plenty of park benches to find a good vantage point.

Insider Info:  There is next to no shade and this is a current construction zone.  If you don’t like loud construction trucks you may want to steer clear this summer.  On the flip side, if your kid is truck obsessed, this summer may be the best time to check it out!  Bring your own shade.

Have you been to this park?  Did I miss something?  Reply below!

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