Millbank Park Playground


Area: Oak Park

Ages: 2-12

Surface: woodchips

Theme: None

Parking:  Free parking lot off of Millbank Dr.

Facilities:  Sandbox, splash pad, inclusive swing, toilet (summer only)

Site:  If you have a runner (or two) this playground is one to consider.  The playground is on the SW corner of Millbank Park, with fenced back yards on the SE side of the playground and baseball diamonds and open fields to the NE.  The parking lot is within 20m of the playground, and Millbank Dr just beyond that on the western edge of the park.  St. Andrews Catholic School is immediately across the street so speed limit is reduced and speed bumps are in place.

Structures:  There are two play structures at this location, rated ages 2-5 and 5-12 respectively.  The design of both structures is fairly narrow, making the popular “landing” spots crowded during high traffic times.  With an additional climbing area, swings, sandbox, splash pad, two spinning installations and spring riders, there are lots of areas to check out across all age groups.

Sight-lines:  Don’t expect to sit at this playground!  There is a central shelter with benches  where caregivers can see the swings, sandbox and both play structures.  There is a climbing structure and spinner on the far side of the bigger play structure which is not visible.  There are also lots of large evergreen trees surrounding the playground which hinder sight-lines, but provide lots of shade.

Insider Info: This playground is a hot spot, especially after school lets out during the year.  If it’s a nice day, this park WILL be busy after 3PM.

Have you been to this park?  Did I miss something?  Reply below!

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