Glen Abby Rec Centre Playground


Area: Glen Abby

Ages: 1.5-12

Theme:  Boat, music

Surface: Sand

Parking: Free, Glen Abby Community Centre

Facilities:  Glen Abby Community Centre is jut across the parking lot, so access to fully equipped bathrooms is a synch!


Glen Abbey Rec Centre Playground

Site:  With tennis courts on the left, basketball courts to the right, and the back of a strip mall in the rear, this little playground is fairly boxed in.  The parking lot is close, but in a low traffic corner of the massive lot.  This is an older playground, but the design offers lots of space on the climbers and they include gear spinners, sound boards and more.  Mature trees offer shade and there are grassy areas and benches.

Sight-lines:  Fairly good.  If you sit along either fence there is a fair view of both the toddler and school age structures, as well as the exit points.


Large play structure

Insider Info:  This is a popular stop for local high school students on their way to lunch.  Shortly after 11am expect to share the space.  High school gym classes often use the basketball courts in good weather, and you can easily hear colourful exchanges.

Have you been to this park?  Did I miss something?  Reply below!


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