Want to hit some playgrounds this summer but not sure where to head?  Will a sandbox at the playground make, or break your outing?  Need a bathroom on-site?  This is the blog for you!

As a mom with three kids less than 2 years apart (yep – you read that right!), loading the kids up and hitting a random playground wasn’t logistically possible when they were young.  I mean, what if there was a road nearby and two kids ran in different directions?  Would there be stuff for both my 1 year old twins and my almost 3-year-old?  As luck would have it, I had a great group of mommy friends who knew the parks in my area and not only recommended the parks that would work for me – but they came with me and we managed the group of kids between the two of us.

Getting out of the house made such a difference to me in those first two years!  Now that my kids are a bit older and hitting random parks is doable, my goal is to create a resource for parents on the playgrounds in Halton and beyond.  I hope to provide you with the info you need so you can figure out what playgrounds will work for your kids — BEFORE you pack them up and drag them to a different neighbourhood!


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